2016 PR Week gold award for Best Internal Communications Campaign in the world. 'Millicom 25' used film not to 'tell' but to 'engage'. 


Few of Millicom’s 20,000 employees felt any belonging to this cable tv & telco giant. Only to their local business unit. So, as 85% had worked there for under 3 years and had an average age of 27, we used Millicom's 25th Anniversary not to give a boring history lesson but make them torchbearers for the future. After all, Millicom’s logo contains a torch.


We created a Torch app for employees to use in their own video content — passing the torch along in a single, joyous global sweep.


We put this content into an epic film which we premiered at 25th Birthday parties in every office, celebrating with Millicom 25-shaped birthday cakes.


We pre-promoted the film with 6 trailers. Then seeded it externally.  It shone a light for external stakeholders on a dynamic internal culture. And made staff proud to be seen in such a joyous, passionate light.


Millicom 25 delivered a massive 46.7 social media engagements per employee — 1,300% above target.