Green Cave People is a film development and production company.


We look for projects that will make an impact creatively, socially and commercially.


And that way, make a difference. 

We collaborate with brands, causes and educators and are happy doing co-productions too.



Reputation films

Employee Engagement  films

Fundraising films

Social VIDEO

Bite-size videos

Optimised for each social media platform


Corporate Brand positioning

Campaign channel selection

Social content calendar scheduling



We want the impact of our work to go wide and deep for you. At the heart of every one of our films and social campaigns is a creative idea capable of guiding your entire company narrative. 

In our view, the best company narratives don't tell people WHAT you do but WHY you do it. That's the whole 'Purpose' thing. And we've been helping clients define it for five years. If it's authentic, it's your last legal competitive advantage. It will inspire greater loyalty. Drive a higher reputation ranking and stock rating. Attract better talent. And help keep the regulators off your back. 

If you're a head of corporate communications, corporate affairs, internal communications, sustainability or corporate social responsibility, then tell us your business issue.