​We've helped the largest food packager Tetra Pak to do well, by communicating how it does good.

We devised a global creative idea encouraging the world to look for its small round logo, visible on 160 billion food cartons a year, as a precious kitemark for families, communities and economies alike:  THE CIRCLE OF PROTECTION.

The "I Am Your Mother" TV commercials are one regional execution of the  Circle of Protection global idea: consumer advertising that helped switch East European mums from the centuries-old habit of buying unpasteurised milk in plastic bags straight from the cow, to pasteurised & pathogen-free milk in Tetra Pak cartons.


"I Am Your Mother" is based on the insight that in Balkan culture, with the scars of recent war in which their menfolk went missing, women have become 'head of household' and prize their ability to take supreme care of their children. The advertising ran in Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian and Albanian.