Tetra Pak: 'The Circle of Protection'

Tetra Pak sells 160 billion cartons of food and drink a year. That’s 22 for every person on earth. Each carton has six layers of clever engineering to keep nutrients in and pathogens out - transforming dietary health for over 60 years worldwide. 

Each carton also has a small, round Tetra Pak logo on its underside. We dubbed it "The Circle of Protection" and devised a global campaign encouraging people to look for it as a precious kitemark - for families, communities and economies alike.


We have run "CoP" campaigns to governments in Asia, schools in the Middle East, consumers in Europe, NGOs in Latin America and opinion leaders globally. 


The corporate advertising below was shot on location by the legendary Nadav Kander. It helped to protect Tetra Pak's very own business from a barrage of cheap imitators, by breathing value back into a company whose engineering innovation had begun to be taken for granted by its business customers.